Website Design and Different Layouts

Website design is a planned approach towards the use of certain features like color, graphics, logos, content, font etc and arranging them in such a manner that the end result is a very useful piece of information in the form of a webpage on the internet.

The website design is concerned with giving a website a certain shape in order to make it available on the internet in the most efficient way.

Web Design Birmingham is determined to provide dedicated services in the designing of different layout websites in the most convincing manner.

Here are three different types of website design layouts:

· Fixed Design Layout: - This type of layout has a specific dimension or resolution and all the web pages are designed according to that. This type of layout does not respond differently on different browsers but remains static no matter what browser or platform it is accessed from. This layout has a specific dimension of webpages and the dimensions are not adjusted according the dimension of the browsers it is accessed from. So, in the smaller browsers it becomes difficult to access these webpages.

· Liquid or Fluid Layout: - In this type the pages are designed in proportion. The dimensions of the website changes according to the devices it is accessed from. The design changes its dimension on the basis of different browsers also. The columns are built using percentage rather than a fixed dimension.

· Responsive Layout: - This is the most advanced website layout which makes the viewing of a website easier on different accessed devices by easily optimizing or adjusting itself according the browser needs. Having this type of layout, it is not required to design different websites for different platforms but one website is enough for all the accessible devices. The maintenance of this layout is much easier than the rest of the layouts.

Web Design Birmingham is fully capable of designing websites with all the possible layouts and we use a particular layout after the recommendations of the clients only.